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All photographs and images used by permission of Judith's parents.
Judith as Captain of Mount Saint Mary Academy cheerleading squad in Little Rock, AR
From our Exeter senior yearbook page in front of our dorm Hoyt.
Judith was my friend and dorm mate at Hoyt.  We both transferred to Exeter
beginning with her first Bicentennial weekend.  Besides our evening chats
munching on cookies in her dorm room and going to the Ioka (local movie
theater), we did our senior yearbook page together.
Judith was a rare and special person.  She was beautiful on the inside and the
outside.  She was elegant, gracious, loving, caring, and giving.  Yet she was also
very direct, confident, and determined from her family’s unconditional love and
being the first girl after four boys.  Although her four older brothers doted on her
and she was Daddy’s “sweet baby”, she refused to be pampered and spoiled.  
When her younger sister was born, she said now Joan was his “sweet baby”, not
her.  Being the first girl in the family made her a stronger person.  "I wish girls
were more like boys," Judith would say.  "And fight it out and get it over with."  

After Exeter, Judith attended University of San Diego.  She enjoyed sorority life,
the Southern California sunshine, and her artwork won “Best of Show”.  But her
real dream was to attend to Notre Dame, where her father and 3 of her brothers
had gone.  She transferred there and earned her BFA.  She loved it all---- the
golden dome, the football games, the ducks, her architect boyfriend, and the
very spirit of Notre Dame. She worked hard, but also had lots of fun with her
friends.  Her parents visited often.  Her mother always came for their mutual
October birthdays, and Judith would invite her college friends for a tea party to

No one else in her family had a talent for art, but Judith forged ahead to pursue
her love for art and was accepted to Pratt for her MFA.  She was only there a
week before she was murdered during a robbery by a crack addict near campus.

Judith’s mother and father wrote in a heartfelt tribute to their beloved daughter:

Judith was self-motivated and driven----
almost as if she knew she wouldn't
be here for everything.  

Our family sorely misses Judith.  She was art itself---- in her clothes, in her
parties, in her cooking, in her dancing.  We know that she was good, and good
to people, and very much loved by us.   She was
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Showing our piano teacher that my fingers can barely reach an octave.
Jesus and Mary from Jesus Christ Superstar