Original Gouache Painting
Image 6" W x 7½” H, Frame 16” W x 20” H
gouache paintings
Original Gouache Painting
Image 12" W x 14" H, Frame 16"W x 20" H

This painting represents different seasons of life.  The young child in the reflection of the
water has her hands over her head to protect herself from being hit.  The older child with
her hands over her eyes is crying for the younger child in the reflection pool.  The young
woman hidden in the tree is putting her hand on the shoulder of the second child to
comfort her and is beginning to stand up for herself.  Only God can bring beauty out of
pain and joy out of suffering.
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God's Hand                                                                                           SOLD                           
Original Gouache Painting on Canvas
Image 20" W x 24" H, Frame 22"W x 25½" H

I did this painting in response to comments made about my Web painting at the
UnderHeaven art show at the California State Capitol, the first public event held
there after 9/11/01.  Someone wrote in my comment book that she knew exactly
how the girl in the painting felt.  Another person wrote, “Thank God we’re in His
hand now."
Original Gouache Painting
Framed 16" W x 20" H

This painting is about child abuse.  The hand represents
physical abuse and the name-calling on the fingers represents
verbal abuse.  The child is unknowingly trapped in a painful
web by her own family.