art school 101
art school 101 basics intro classes
Lesson 1- Value Scale
Lesson 2- 3D Drawing
Lesson 3- Color Wheel
Lesson 4- Landscape, Color: Tints, Shades, & Mutes
Lesson 5- Landscape, Color: Tints, Shades, & Mutes

The goal of Art School 101 is to teach students with a passion for art the skills they need to
draw and paint, while making the classes fun and tailoring them to their individual style,
talent, and interests.

Students will begin in charcoal and pastel to learn how to draw in 3-D.   

Then students will learn about the color wheel and mixing colors.  Using what they learn about
value and color, they will do still life, portrait, and landscape drawings and paintings.

Having art classes tailored to their individual talents and interests, students will discover their
own personal voice and artistic style and learn skills to draw or paint whatever they want.